Business and Economy in Kangra

Markets in Kangra

In absence of any heavy industries, the employment opportunity in Kangra is truly limited. The people here depend mainly upon trade and commerce for their livelihood. Apart from that, tourism is a big industry here. In fact, it can easily be said, the economy of Kangra rests on three Ts; namely, tourism, transport and trading.

Tourism as an industry in Kangra

Kangra, located at the heart of picturesque Kangra Valley, attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. Besides, the town being a center of pilgrimage and home to century old Kangra Fort, also draw substantial number of visitors. Over the years a huge infrastructure has grown up to cater to these tourists.

For instance, different categories of hotels have opened up in Kangra to accommodate the tourists that come here almost throughout the years. These hotels also employ a number of people thus opening up further employment opportunities. On top of that, people also earn their living by working as local guides. There are also many tour operators and travel agents who further employ people. Moreover, influx of tourists also provides a boost to the transport sector.

Transport Sector in Kangra

Transport is another sector that keeps the economy of the town running. Indeed, taxi and bus services as well as car rentals also provide substantial employment opportunity for the people of this region. Apart from the town itself, which houses many places of tourist interest, there are quite a few ancient temples, forts as well as nature parks located within easy distance. Visitors coming to Kangra make it a point to visit these places. Consequently, transport sector in Kangra is well developed and provides good business opportunity to the people here.

Trade and Commerce in Kangra

Trading also provides ample business opportunity in Kangra. Apart from the visitors, the town has a large number of people living here permanently. According to census taken in 2011, the population of the city is 9528. Added to that is a huge floating population. Different categories of shops have opened up here to cater to the needs of such a huge population. Apart from the bare necessities, many shops also sell handicrafts and other fancy items that may interest the tourists.

The tea grown in Kangra Valley is also a big draw here. Although the center of production is Palampur Kangra Valley Tea is a fast selling commodity in this town. The tea produced from Chinese hybrid tea bushes in the orthodox method has a distinct taste and flavor.

Handicrafts and Handlooms in Kangra

Handicrafts also offer substantial employment opportunity in the city. Artifacts and paintings produced by the artisans here are much appreciated all over the world. Many handloom clusters have also been opened up by the Government of Himachal Pradesh. One such cluster is located in the Gupt Ganga region of the town. These clusters have brought immense opportunities for the people to earn decent living by producing different handloom articles.

Other Opportunities in Kangra

Other than the above mentioned opportunities, the town also provides other means of earning a living. The government offices as well as schools, colleges and hospitals located within the city also employ substantial numbers of people. Other than that, a number of people are also engaged other professions. In all, although there no large or medium scale industry business and economy in Kangra is quite robust.
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